The Complete Guide to Gamifying Marketing for Ecommerce

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In the E-commerce business, only one thing really counts – Sales. If you are not able to sell the products offered on your store, you will not be in the business for long.

Marketers across the globe are scouting for innovative methods and tactics to attract users.

For an E-commerce business, coupons and discounts have become  the status quo to boost sales, and most millennials can find a good deal on anything they’re interested in buying online. Hence, the owners need to work harder than ever to earn and retain the attention of their customers.

The question is – How is that possible ?

By establishing a differentiated brand that demonstrates a unique character which resonates with their target audience online. On a ground level, it all comes down to brand interactions, and making the purchasing process a little more engaging for everyone visiting your store.

To do this right, businesses are exploring the fundamentals of Game Dynamics to fuel both their Long-Term Loyalty Initiative as well as their In-store Customer Experiences.

What is Gamification?

The concept of gamification essentially means turning something into a game in order to motivate people to complete a task in an enjoyable manner.

Tell your employees to come on time is nothing but an annoying chore.

But recontextualize it as a fun challenge with rewards at the end, and it becomes a game.

While the end result might be the same, the journey to get there is a lot more enjoyable. And you are able to build positive associations with behaviours you want to encourage.

For E-Commerce, gamification is all about integrating game mechanics into your customer experience helping them have a good time buying on your store !

The Next-Big Disruption in the Marketing Industry

Gamification is becoming increasingly popular marketing technique in various industries to drive engagement & immediate actions by customers.

“Gamification is going to be the next big Marketing Trend

Source : Forbes

Businesses internationally are using the many faces of gamification – that is people’s desire for competition, status, achievement to achieve their business objectives.

Gamification incorporates fun and an element of competition  in a marketing strategy.

For marketers, gamification is the NEW way to stand out and use that emotional high of winning in order to sell a product or service.

Influencing Customer Behaviour Through Gamification

Just like opinions, we’ve all got one.

And by the time we reach adulthood, our personality is pretty much fixed.

But one thing that never changes is our ‘Psychology’. We all have grown playing Games. It is in our psychology to ‘Play & Win’ everytime we see a game. We all love Winning !

This is the same psychology that can be applied in the world of retail.

By rewarding customers with points in return for frequent purchases, shared stories, or social media commenting, store traffic and purchase rates can be exponentially increased.

“Vendors claim that Gamification Strategies can lead to a

100% to 150% increase in engagement metrics.”

Source : GWC Conference, San Francisco

Gamification makes things more enjoyable because it taps into our basic human need for competition and social interaction.

Instead of feeling ‘tricked’ into taking a certain action, users feel more in control when participating in game-oriented shopping. This adds a whole new dimension to the shopping process. And retailers get to reap the rewards of boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

Let us look at a brilliant example of E-commerce gamification used by Nike in 2011 – that can get you up to speed on how the experts are playing it. :

WHAT: In 2011 Nike drove sales of its winter clothing range through an innovative campaign that featured three mini-games. The games weren’t just for fun, but were meant to raise awareness of Nike’s new product range.

IMPACT: The campaign had a tremendous impact and clocked over 2,100,000 visitors. The game was greatly successful at popularizing Nike’s new winter gear amongst the target market.

THE GAME: The games had players compete to win the grand prize of meeting top athletes. The game wanted to go beyond showcasing the new gear to highlighting its real-world functionality. It let players get a feel of the winter gear by letting them control its use in a live-action online game. The players could share their scores socially and could also compete for top spots on a leaderboard.

Apart from Nike, there are many international players like Zappos (world’s largest online shoe store), Starbucks, Aldo, Teleflora & many more – that have successfully used gamification to cash in more sales & drive in better engagement.

The Future Is Here ! Where Are You ?

“More than 70% of the world’s largest 2,000 companies are expected to have deployed at least one Gamified Application by year-end 2018”

Source : Gartner

In just the next couple of years, Gartner expects gamification to drive about half of all business innovation. Notice that the key to gamification success, according to Gartner analysts, seems to be focusing on defining clear business objectives.

In the ecommerce context one needs to know exactly what the game tactic should accomplish and why accomplishing that task benefits the business and meets some objective. For example, there is strong evidence suggesting that people hardly engage with pop-ups on website. The average conversion rate of a pop-up is up to 3-4%.  

So gamifying traditional pop-ups on website might help achieve a valid business objective that is — Increased Conversion Rates – that in turn will lead to better engagement & more sales.

LetSpinio is a revolutionary tool that exactly comes to rescue here !  

Where does LetSpinio fit into the picture?

While Forbes define Gamification as the Next-Big Marketing trend, LetSpinio exactly works to spark the same idea within businesses to help them gamify their marketing & drive more focussed ROI.

It is one of the early entrants in the Marketing Industry whose philosophy is rooted into driving better engagement & conversions via Gamification.

LetSpinio completely reinvents the standard subscriber pop-up and makes it interactive, fun and irresistible for your visitors. It dramatically grows your subscriber list, generate more direct sales and increase your conversion rates to levels you’ve never seen before.

How it Works?

Why it Works ?

Each passing day, existing marketing strategies are becoming Mundane, LetSpinio is trying to make it Fun-Dane.

Power of LetSpinio – Mechanics Involved
What can you expect from LetSpinio ?

Leads & More Leads   – (More Leads = More Potential Buyers = More Revenue)

Enhanced User Engagement   – (Up your pop-up game by making it Fun, Interactive & Irresistible)

Grow Your Direct Sales/Conversions  – (Give away your offers in a NEW different way to entice user to take immediate actions)

Take Your Coupon/Discount Game to Next Level  – (People value benefits when they earn it by winning it as opposed to when you give them anything for free)

Reduce Card Abandonment  – (We never let the users abandon the cart. Now show them a Wheel Game full of special discounts on leave intent on your Checkout Page)


At last, just remember – in the retail industry, trends change every second. The path to success is dependent on how early & efficiently we predict and adapt those trends.

Gamification has already been outlined as the Next-Big trend moving forward, so the only question that remains is who will be the first one to align their strategy with it & lead the trend.

So when are you adapting?

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