The Complete Guide to Gamifying Marketing for Publishers & Bloggers

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“Email addresses are the high-value currency of exchange on the web” says famous columnist Jeremy Smith.

Why? Because an email address is a lead. And a lead is potential money.

In the world of Internet, we all see appeals asking for our ‘Emails’. These appeals are everywhere.

Are you getting the email leads that you so crave and need through such appeals?

If not, this article is for you. Even if you are already getting leads and want more, then alsok keep reading as we unravel the biggest psychological hacks that make for a truly irresistible appeal.


Is Email Marketing Dead?

4.3 Billion Email Accounts Send 196 Billion Emails Every Day.

That’s right. 4.3 billion people send emails on a daily basis. Can you think of any other marketing channel that has been adopted as universally as email? Not everyone reads blogs. Not everyone is on social media—especially on every platform. Not everyone clicks on online ads. But 4.3 billion email accounts are currently active.

I think that makes it pretty clear that Email Marketing is here to stay !

Facts speak it as well !

  1. A report by Campaign Monitor says, “Email Marketing has an ROI of 3800%”
  2. According to a Direct Marketing Association report published in 2012, every dollar spent on email marketing generated average returns of $28.50.
  3. Despite the rise of social messaging apps, 74% of teenagers use email, say Adestra.

The biggest reason that you should not stop asking for email is that it is the only medium that you OWN in real sense.

Using other digital marketing channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google means that you’re playing by their rules. You constantly have to change the way you market your brand on these channels because they’re always changing the way they display content or index search results.

But email marketing allows for a 1:1 relationship with your audience, with no third party involved.

Many Ways of Asking Emails

Your email list is your biggest asset!

And, the only way to get email addresses is to ask for them. Many marketing efforts has failed to find that one best way of asking.

There are millions of ways to ask for an email :

  • Pop-Ups
  • Exit Intent
  • Forms
  • Dedicated Landing Page
  • Slide in Request
  • Slide In Requests
  • Top Bar (Hello Bar)
  • Side Bar

The list is endless !

Let’s imagine, when was the last time you instantly filled in your email address responding to such an appeal?

If your answer is NO ! Then we all know that these ways aren’t getting you any emails from the visitors as well.

At last, No Email = No Lead = No Potential Buyer = No Revenue


Why appeals don’t work anymore?

Email addresses are like opinions—nearly everyone has one. However, no one wants to give their’s to everyone just like that.

No doubt these appeals are everywhere in varied & constant ways both. But, it is true that You instinctively avoid them.


Because they are INTRUSIVE & SPAMMY !

They create bad user experience and generate high bounce rates. Users have a very strong distaste for such pop-ups and will tend to associate that distaste with the websites that employ them. They serve no value to the visitor.

The average conversion rate of a pop-up form – be it a welcome mat, a slider, or a pop-up form of any kind – is between 1.95% and 2.9%. Meaning you need 100 people to see your pop-up to get 2-3 email addresses.

If you can’t promise something of value in exchange for the visitor’s email address, then there’s no reason why they should give it to you.

NOW ! Let’s reverse everything !

Imagine you land on a website and it asks you to play a 3 Second Game by which you can win a guaranteed Grand Prize.  To play the game, you need to fill in your email id?

Now, would you play?

This is where Gamification comes to rescue !

Playing Games is inherently natural basic human addiction. The visitor can get Multiple Real Incentives by simply giving their Email Id. How much harder is it now to walk away ?


Gamification – The Next-Big Disruption

The concept of gamification essentially means turning something into a game in order to motivate people to complete a task in an enjoyable manner.

Gamification is becoming increasingly popular marketing technique in various industries to drive engagement & immediate actions by customers.


“Gamification is going to be the next big Marketing Trend

Source : Forbes


For Publishers & Bloggers, gamification is all about integrating Game Mechanics into your customer experience seamingly directing the way you want. You can serve then instant value rewards in return of anything you want – from Email to Phone Numbers.


Influencing Visitor Behaviour Through Gamification

Just like opinions, we’ve all got one.

And by the time we reach adulthood, our personality is pretty much fixed.

But one thing that never changes is our ‘Psychology’. We all have grown playing Games. It is in our psychology to ‘Play & Win’ everytime we see a game. We all love Winning !

This is the same psychology that can be used by Publishers & Bloggers to seamingly cash in the maximum out of their visitors.

“Vendors claim that Gamification Strategies can lead to a

100% to 150% increase in engagement metrics.”

Source : GWC Conference, San Francisco

Gamification makes things more enjoyable because it taps into our basic human need for competition and social interaction.

Instead of feeling ‘tricked’ into taking a certain action, users feel more in control when engaging with a website or blog. This adds a whole new dimension to the the process of Lead Generation & User Engagement.

Can gamification work for your company?

If it can work for Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, The Telegraph & many others -it can definitely work for you.

Games are fun: they’re engaging and mentally stimulating. Our fondness for games is hardwired into our brains.

If you’re looking to increase engagement, boost brand awareness, and generally make your content more enjoyable, gamification is a strategy you’ll want to implement.


Neil Patel says, “Gamification is no doubt an effective way to enhance your content and increase audience engagement. It’s even been found to boost conversions up to 7x


“More than 70% of the world’s largest 2,000 websites are expected to have deployed at least one Gamified Application by year-end 2018”

Source : Gartner

In just the next couple of years, Gartner expects gamification to drive about half of all business innovation.

Now, if Gamification is the ultimate answer to everything said above. Can it be used to make those irresistible appeals which can leave an everlasting impression on the visitor?

Can it be used to build the email list in the most interactive way ?

Can it be used to boost user engagement?

The Answer: YES !

LetSpinio is a revolutionary tool that exactly comes to rescue here !  

Where does LetSpinio fit into the picture?

While Forbes define Gamification as the Next-Big Marketing trend, LetSpinio exactly works to spark the same idea within businesses to help them gamify their lead generation & user engagement.

It is one of the early entrants in the Marketing Industry whose philosophy is rooted into driving better engagement & conversions via Gamification.

LetSpinio completely reinvents the standard subscriber pop-up and makes it interactive, fun and irresistible for your visitors. It dramatically grows your subscriber list, generate more direct sales and increase your conversion rates to levels you’ve never seen before.

How it Works?

Why it Works ?

Each passing day, existing marketing strategies are becoming Mundane, LetSpinio is trying to make it Fun-Dane.

Power of LetSpinio – Mechanics Involved
What can you expect from LetSpinio ?

Leads & More Leads   – (More Leads = More Potential Buyers = More Revenue)

Enhanced User Engagement   – (Up your pop-up game by making it Fun, Interactive & Irresistible)

Grow Your Direct Sales/Conversions  – (Give away your offers in a NEW different way to entice user to take immediate actions)

Take Your Coupon/Discount Game to Next Level  – (People value benefits when they earn it by winning it as opposed to when you give them anything for free)

Reduce Card Abandonment  – (We never let the users abandon the cart. Now show them a Wheel Game full of special discounts on leave intent on your Checkout Page)


At last, just remember – trends change every second. The path to success is dependent on how early & efficiently we predict and adapt those trends.

Gamification has already been outlined as the Next-Big trend moving forward, so the only question that remains is who will be the first one to align their strategy with it & lead the trend.

So when are you adapting?




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